martes, junio 22, 2004

To my English speaking friends

English is a good language,but I don´t speak it as my mother tongue.Now I write some paragraphs in that language,so more people can understand me.It is very curious that we live in a place ,the Earth,full of languages,that each region has his way of expressing ideas.Life has not been good with us,not driving things easily,but who is the orderer of this?no one says i made this mess.So we must be together to fight agains distorting characteristics of nature.We are born like this,so we must face it stoically.
All languages are good,but the best is the language of silence.Yes the silence talks to us in its own tongue,mixing the ear,eyes,hands,etc.We can experience our life in full when resting in peace.That is a good way to learn about ourselves.Much times i ask myself if it is possible to get answers of life simply with language,this grammatical and earth linked language.We should search more types of languages,fish for answers in more ways,in more landscapes.There must be something hidden to our mentality.
Well,here starts my also English part of the blog.
Hello all of you who read me,ie read my soul.

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