jueves, septiembre 04, 2008

post in english

i decided to start writing in english. it is a long time since i dont practice that language i learned at university and alone, in england. somebody sent me a link to a diary page www.bunsay.com and i registered there with the name of blanco. so if you want to read something i wrote there go there and write my name blanco.
i have the idea of starting doing translations so that i can earn money and can improve my skills. i would like to be an expert in languages. the time has passed and i have learned other things, and those can be useful to me to speak other languages.
i just came from a trip to El Escorial, and i have my mind full of images from that place. and i want to return there. my eyes were ful of images, of trees, peace, love. and to do that i need money, to earn it. i found a webpage where to make translations and earn money, but it is not very good. so i continue looking for job translating.

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